Red Light Camera Enforcement Best Practices and Program Road Map

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The objective of this project is to produce a set of best practices in red light camera enforcement, recommendations for further reforms to the Chicago program, and a road map to delivery on those recommendations. This project is intended to ensure the Chicago Department of Transportation is getting the most out of the system it has and for continual improvement of the program, with particular attention towards where best to locate cameras and ongoing monitoring of the system. Professor Hani Mahmassani will lead a team of experts in both Traffic Engineering and Traffic Safety and familiarity and experience with the matters surrounding automated camera enforcement. In addition, Professor Mahmassani will assemble a small and diverse (3-5 member) advisory panel that will be asked to review and comment on the effort and its outputs during the project, most likely at milestones reflected in the phases of the project: Phase 1: Base review of existing programs, peer and industry review, data identification and compilation, stakeholder outreach and interview Phase 2: Quantitative analysis of data Phase 3: Results, findings and recommendations for Red Light Camera enforcement, final report in written form
Effective start/end date9/1/1512/31/16


  • City of Chicago Department of Transportation (Agmt 12/16/15)


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