• Wehbe, Firas (PD/PI)

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The COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium (CCC19) was formed to collect and disseminate prospective, granular, uniformly organized information on people with cancer who are diagnosed with COVID-19 - at scale and as rapidly as possible. In order to meet this goal, CCC19 rapidly deployed a REDCap-based data collection form, parallel with other efforts that have focused on direct data acquisition from clinical data warehouses. The most scalable of these latter efforts have been based on the OMOP data model, which is used in a large number of healthcare institutions internationally and has been augmented in the oncology domain through work related to this grant (U01 CA231840). There remains an unmet need in converging manually-curated survey efforts and EHR-based data.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/21


  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC87230//5U01CA231840-03)
  • National Cancer Institute (VUMC87230//5U01CA231840-03)


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