Replacing Cerium with Energy-Efficient Mischmetal in Cast Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace Applications

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We will develop novel Al-Ce-La alloys, based on known Al-Ce alloys, where pure cerium (Ce) is replaced by cerium- and lanthanum-rich Mischmetal (Ce-La MM) which is less costly and more energy-efficient than pure Ce. This transition, from Al-Ce to Al-MM, has been recently demonstrated by co-PI Weiss 1, with the Al-MM alloy showing the same eutectic structure but higher strength than an Al-Ce eutectic alloy (Fig. 1). Further strengthening will be achieved by Ni additions, creating a complex quaternary Al-MM-Ni eutectic microstructure. These unexplored alloys represent an excellent opportunity for new development with high innovation potential
Effective start/end date10/1/226/30/26


  • Department of Energy (DE-EE0010221)


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