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Dr. Brown, at Northwestern University will serve as Director of the Research Evaluation Core for the HEAL Data2Action Research Adoption Support Center (RASC). He will also serve as the site PI at Northwestern University. Dr. Brown will participate in Learning Collaboratives, webinars, professional conferences, stakeholder meetings, publications, and other RASC activities as needed to achieve the center’s mission: to translate and scale up effective interventions for the prevention and treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) and pain. As Center MPI and Research and Evaluation Core Director, Dr. Brown will be part of the RASC’s leadership team. Alongside the other Core Directors, Dr. Brown will be responsible for the scientific development and dissemination of the Core. He will provide direction to RASC, make executive decisions, oversee budgets and resources. With the assistance of the Co-Director Dr. Beth McGrath, he will oversee the deployment and involvement of Core Faculty and Consulting Faculty to the HD2A Innovation Projects based on the expertise and intensity of support needed by the projects. He will ensure bidirectional communication with the Modeling and Economic Resource Center, the Data Infrastructure Support Center, the three other RASC Cores, the Innovation Projects, and the Northwestern research team. Dr. Brown will participate in leadership activities, including weekly leadership meetings, facilitation of monthly Core member meetings, meetings with Innovation Project teams, and cross-Core and cross-Centers (Modeling and Economic Resource Center, Data Infrastructure Support Center) meetings. Dr. Brown will specifically coordinate all of the research activities funded through this Northwestern subcontract. This includes the development and application of computational methods integrated into implementation science programs directed at the four Pillars. Dr. Brown will join the RASC as a key member, enabling the center to serve as
Effective start/end date9/30/228/31/27


  • Stanford University (63067731-257650 // 5U2CDA057717-02)
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (63067731-257650 // 5U2CDA057717-02)


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