Research and Evaluation on Community Engagement Initiative and Neighborhood Policing Initiative

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The proposed evaluation of the Community Engagement Initiative (CPI) and the Neighborhood Policing Initiative (NPI) will center on three research objectives: (1) documenting the process by which the initiatives unfold in the target Districts; (2) Analyzing changes in perceptions of satisfaction, public safety, and community-police engagement of both community residents and police in response to those initiatives; and (3) Conducting a rigorous evaluation of the program’s impact on public safety, crime, police-community engagement, and performance metrics. To these achieve these objectives, the proposed research project—described in greater detail elsewhere—entails of four central research activities:

(1) Interviews with Community Experts and Policing.
(2) Participant Observation at CPI and NPI events, meetings, and activities.
(3) Aggregate Analysis of Crime, Policing, and Public Safety Trends and Metrics.
(4) Quasi-experimental Analysis of Program Impact.
Effective start/end date1/1/184/30/19


  • New York University (RA 194-01 // 17-38182)
  • Joyce Foundation (RA 194-01 // 17-38182)


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