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  • Goel, Satyender (PD/PI)

    Project: Research project

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    Center of Health Information Partnerships (CHiP) at Northwestern University (NU) will engage in development of a fixed term data registry platform for Division of Patient Education, American College of Surgeons. CHiP team will help in study and platform design, oversee implementation through vendor, and ensure timely delivery to ACS. Dr. Satyender Goel will lead the effort from NU in coordination with Dr. Kathleen Heneghan from ACS. Specifically, the NU team will: − Design and prepare wireframe with the help of IT vendor for REDCap based research and evaluation platform. − Help ACS team in preparing statement of work for IT vendor to deliver on designed platform. − Allocate resource to draft surveys in HealthLNK REDCap instance at NU. − Supervise work on portal design and automation of reporting by vendor assigned by ACS. − Provide updates on progress on regular basis or as required. − Participate in project meetings with ACS and vendors team, provide technical environment for deployment, carry out extraction of data from identified data sources, and provide updates on outcome. − Offer informal guidance in person or via email as needed over the course of the project
    Effective start/end date9/1/178/31/18


    • American College of Surgeons (check 274686)


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