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Northwestern University will perform the following activities for the Alliance Data Warehouse Project: 1. Assist in the design and build of the Alliance research data warehouse infrastructure. 2. Develop SQL queries, training and supporting staff on reporting capabilities in EHR/PM systems and MQIC data warehouse 3. Mintenance of routine/recurring and custom/ad hoc reports 4. Collaborate with GE data warehouse staff on updates to warehouse, resolution of technical reporting issues and refinement or development of reports within the warehouse 5. Run data queries and extracts 6. Participate in data analysis and dissemination activites 7. Train and provide support to Alliance members and partners on centralized reporting capability, facilitate sharing and adoption of best practice reports from member/partner centers, and periodically review and adopt Crystal Reports developed through GE user forums including the Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG) and Centricity Knowledge Bank 8. Organize and help facilitate the Alliance-wide Quality and Reporting Working Group 9. Utilizing all reporting tools described above, provide support or lead as directed the periodic and custom reporting needs for Alliance research and grants. Assist in the development of grant proposals, especially those requiring baseline data. 10. Participate and facilitate or support as needed Alliance Committee structure including Clinician’s, Behavioral Health, and Coordinating Committees to achieve Committee goals.
Effective start/end date6/15/136/14/14


  • Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services, LLC (Agmt Dated 8/1/13)


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