Research Fellowship Sponsorship: Esther Yoon

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It is understood that the focus of the fellowship will ultimately reflect Amgen needs: New/Existing Project Consultation: Ms. Yoon, in conjunction with Dr. Wolf, will continue to consult with Amgen team members on any number of projects as necessary. Specific cognitive, behavioral and health literacy perspectives will be offered relevant to medication risk communication, safe use and adherence concerns. In addition, expert consultation may address issues around outcomes measurement, evaluation design, and analysis and interpretation of data. Risk Communication/Safe and Appropriate Use of Medicinal Products Analysis: Fellow will receive AMGEN risk communication/safe use products (i.e. Med Guides, healthcare provider letters, Instructions for Use, etc.) related to AMGEN proprietary compounds and/or products available publicly or in development for additional analysis of their suitability for consumers, especially those with limited literacy skills. Report Development: Whether commentary, literature review, or summary of original research, considerable time would be spent working on the publication of findings and/or perspectives relevant to risk communication, and safe and appropriate use and adherence to medicinal products. Attendance at Relevant Risk Communication/ Safe Medication Use Venues. Ms. Yoon participate and observe relevant industry and/or FDA meetings where the topic pertains to risk communication and/or safe and appropriate use and adherence to medicinal products.
Effective start/end date6/1/188/31/20


  • Amgen, Inc. (Agmt 6/1/18)


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