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This REU Site will focus on exposing undergraduate students to research in synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing field in which new biological systems are constructed using engineering principles such as design-build-test-evaluate cycles and modular design. Northwestern University is widely recognized for its research at the forefront of synthetic biology, and has a strong cohort of faculty in this area. After a one-week bootcamp to teach all necessary basic lab techniques, the participating students will carry out an independent synthetic biology research project. Concurrently, students will participate in a carefully designed curriculum to develop skills necessary for success in their future STEM careers, including communication, networking, ethics, and entrepreneurship. This information will be conveyed via seminars, workshops, informal weekly lunches with faculty, social events with other university researchers, and field trips to area companies and museums. Upon completion of the program, students will gain insight into how to investigate fundamental biological processes and design biological systems; acquire core skills in communication and networking to work with scientists and non-scientists alike; and develop an understanding of the ethical implications of engineering biology as well as its potential to advance society.
Effective start/end date3/1/182/28/23


  • National Science Foundation (DBI-1757973)


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