Risk for Bipolar Disorder: Reward-Related Brain Function & Social Rhythms

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I will have three primary roles as a co-investigator in Dr. Alloy’s proposed research. First, I will be able to provide extensive consultation on analyses of reward processing and reward-related brain function in individuals with and at risk for bipolar spectrum disorder. I have published extensively in this area and these topics are the primary focus of my research program. Second, I will provide consultation on processing fMRI related data and will be involved in analyzing data generated from the grant. I have published on reward-related brain function in bipolar disorder using the task that will be employed in the proposed research. Lastly, I will assist with manuscript preparation. Dr. Alloy and I have an extensive collaboration history and have co-authored numerous publications on reward-processing in mood disorders.
Effective start/end date7/5/134/30/16


  • Temple University (360955-NW // 5R01MH077908-07)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (360955-NW // 5R01MH077908-07)


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