Role of alveolar macrophages in particulate matter-induced cardiopulmonary disease

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Scope of Work at Northwestern University Dr. Budinger will assist Dr. Mutlu on the experiments in which myeloid cell populations are isolated from murine lung homogenates using flow cytometry and examined for transcriptomic responses to exposure to particulate matter air pollution using RNA-Seq and epigenomic changes that modulate subsequent responses using ChIP-Seq and whole genome DNA methylation techniques. The equipment and technical skills required to generate these data are contained within their shared laboratory space.
Effective start/end date8/15/185/31/23


  • University of Chicago (5R01ES015024-14 // AWD058473-03-PR)
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (5R01ES015024-14 // AWD058473-03-PR)


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