Role of Female Sex and Hormone Status on HFpEF Pathophysiology and Therapy

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For the subcontract at Northwestern University (NU), the subcontract PI will be Sanjiv Shah, MD. As the subcontract PI, Dr. Shah will coordinate, supervise, and assure quality control for the studies at Northwestern University, including the observational studies (Aim 1) and the interventional study of estrogen and sildenafil (Aim 3). He will also oversee quantitation of echocardiograms in the Northwestern Echocardiography Core Laboratory, as outlined in the research proposal. Dr. Shah will directly supervise Lauren Beussink-Nelson, RDCS, MHS, FASE, who is the research sonographer for the study. He will also over-read all echocardiograms that are undergo quantification by Ms. Beussink. Finally, Dr. Shah will travel to Johns Hopkins University once every 2 months to meet with co-investigators and ensure that the performance of all 3 proposed aims of the Clinical Science Core are being conducted as planned. Study procedures Lauren Beussink-Nelson, MHS, RDCS, technical director of the Northwestern University Echocardiography Core Laboratory, will perform comprehensive echocardiography on all subjects. She will also perform quantitation of all echocardiograms performed for the studies at Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins University. Cynthia Sanchez, study coordinator will coordinate patient recruitment; study enrollment; retrieval of blood samples, myocardial biopsy samples, and muscle biopsy samples; and MRI tests (Aim 1). She will also coordinate patient recruitment, study enrollment, and all study-related procedures for the clinical trial of estrogen and sildenafil (Aim 3) Interpreting the results, presenting data at scientific conferences, and writing manuscripts: Dr. Shah will work with the PI of the study at Northwestern and will interpret the results of all analyses. He will also assist in writing and editing of manuscripts that come out of the collaboration with Johns Hopkins University.
Effective start/end date4/1/163/31/21


  • Johns Hopkins University (2003161027//16SFRN27870000)
  • American Heart Association (2003161027//16SFRN27870000)


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