Role of Valve-Mediated Hemodynamics on Bicuspid Aortopathy

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The primary goal of this project aims at 1) the development of an MRI protocol combining the assessment of valve morphology 4D flow, and an accurate depiction of aortic geometry to compute 3D WSS based imaging biomarkers; 2) the characterization of aortopathy severity on regional tissue analysis in patients who undergo aortic resection will receive preoperative imaging using the BAV MRI protocol; and 3) to conduct a clinicopathologic correlative analysis to identify the WSS-based imaging biomarkers most predictive of metrics for aortopathy. Dr. Markl will be the local principal investigator at Northwestern University and will be responsible for all aspects of the MRI imaging studies. The site PI will work closely with Drs. Collins, Malaisrie, McCarthy, Puthumana, and Bonow to coordinate the identification of appropriate patients to image for research purposes, coordinate supervise the 4D flow data acquisition, oversee the 4D flow post processing, and interpret the cardiovascular imaging studies. The research coordinator, Brenda Herrera, will oversee all regulatory paperwork, manage the patient database, coordinate the research portion of the imaging studies, and obtain patient consent. The graduate students and postdoc will develop and MRI methods and 4D-flow data post processing and work jointly with Dr. Markl and the Biostatistician to coordinate data analysis, manuscript preparation, and dissemination of finings.
Effective start/end date9/1/184/30/22


  • University of Colorado Denver (FY20.954.006_AMD3//5R01HL133504-06)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (FY20.954.006_AMD3//5R01HL133504-06)


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