Roybal Translational Research Center to Promote Context-Specific Caregiving of Community-Dwelling Persons Living with Alzheimer's Diseases or Related Disorders

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FTD represents 10-20% of all dementia cases and is one of the most common pre-senile dementias. Because of the nature of these symptoms, FTD is often initially misdiagnosed as a psychiatric problem and patients and families wait years before obtaining an accurate diagnosis. Currently there are no treatments to slow or stop the progression of FTD and there continues to be a need for well-designed programs and services for individuals with FTD and families. FTD caregivers do not find traditional caregiver support and education programs primarily focused on Alzheimer’s disease to be helpful. The Savvy Caregiver Program is a successful 6-week evidence-based caregiver intervention program designed by Kenneth Hepburn and Emory University. It has been replicated throughout the U.S. and internationally and is currently being tested as an online program in collaboration with Northwestern, Rush, OHSU called Tele-Savvy. With Dr. Hepburn’s support and consultation throughout this project, we propose the development of the FTD Tele-Savvy Caregiver Program modeled from the Savvy-Caregiver and Tele-Savvy programs. We will adapt the templates and materials from the project, test its feasibility in two groups of FTD caregivers: 1) Caregivers of persons with behavioral variant FTD and 2) Caregivers of persons with language variant FTD or primary progressive aphasia (PPA). We predict that this FTD Tele-Savvy Caregiver Program will improve family caregiver, knowledge about FTD and ultimately positively affect their ability to care for the person with FTD and overall quality of life.
Effective start/end date9/15/195/31/22


  • Emory University (A261128//1P30AG064200-01)
  • National Institute on Aging (A261128//1P30AG064200-01)


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