Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Implementation Center for HIV Clinical Quality Improvement

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Overview: NQC will form an improvement working group that can advise NQC and the RW community about the state-of-the-art advancements in the improvement field, how NQC evaluates its TA impacts/outcomes, and how to maximize its strategies to spread its successful improvement work. Objectives: - make recommendations to effectively evaluate the improvement work by NQC and RWHAP recipients to reflect existing methods and advancements in the implementation/improvement science field, including understanding the contextual factors, which may facilitate or challenge successful reach and implementation - identify and provide input for NQC to prioritize emerging quality improvement tools and methodologies for implementation by NQC and RWHAP recipients to better HIV care - propose strategies to diffuse the successful improvement work by NQC and RWHAP recipients and therefore, inform the wider HIV community and improvement field and how to evaluate this spread - make specific recommendations for the development of future QI resources, tools or QI content areas, including QI guides, online QI tutorials, assessment tools, submissions to QI/HIV conferences, and other items as suggested in the approved NQC work plan
Effective start/end date7/1/176/30/20


  • Health Research, Incorporated (5740-03//6U28HA30791-02-01)
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (5740-03//6U28HA30791-02-01)


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