Saving Lives at Birth: All Babies Count (ABC): Eliminating Preventable Neonatal Deaths in Rwanda

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Partners In Health/Rwanda received a $2.5 million Saving Lives at Birth (“SL@B”) grant to scale the All Babies Count (ABC) model to seven new districts while evaluating the implementation and impact of this model. Lisa R. Hirschhorn will serve as a Quality Improvement Advisor to the Partners In Health team during the course of implementation of the All Babies Count: Eliminating Preventable Neonatal Deaths in Rwanda project at 4.5% FTE. Dr. Hirschhorn will contribute to and collaborate with the Rwanda-based implementation team on all parts of the project from the design of learning collaboratives, mentorship and quality improvement training and implementation guidance, evaluation design, and to publication outputs at the completion of implementation.
Effective start/end date10/1/165/31/19


  • Partners In Health, a Nonprofit Corporation (PIH 10/21/2016 // PIH 10/21/2016)
  • Grand Challenges Canada (PIH 10/21/2016 // PIH 10/21/2016)


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