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demonstrate feasibility and suitability of the system in the normal pediatric critical care setting. to collect in vivo SpO2 measurements from patients in a clinical setting simultaneously with measurements acquired with clinical gold standard tools (pulse oximetry and blood draw).Patient recruitment will focus on individuals who have been admitted to the ICU and will have continuous hemodynamic monitoring (temperature, pulse, SpO2, ECG). For this study, twenty (25) patients will be monitored for twenty-four (24) hours each.Care providers will be asked to complete a short survey about the functionality of the system. They will be asked if the system performed to expectations, if given a choice which would they prefer to use the Wearifi wireless system or the conventional pulse oximetry system and why, as well as for any general comments or suggestions on how to improve the system.A major benefit of running this trial in the PCICU is that more than 60% of the patients will be evaluated for SVR using conventional arterial methods – allowing us an opportunity to directly compare our measurements for approximating SVR.
Effective start/end date9/8/202/28/23


  • Wearifi, Inc. (1R43HD101189 // XU AGMT 8/19/21)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (1R43HD101189 // XU AGMT 8/19/21)


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