SCC-PG: Improving healthcare access in marginalized communities through smart connected technologies

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This Smart Connected Communities Planning Grant project aims to leverage the power of smart connected technologies to better meet the health care needs of the communities that are both under-served in health care needs and transportation-disadvantaged. The project will pave the way for exploring the holistic design, deployment and evaluation of a Smart Health Assistance and Resource Portal (SHARP), based on novel methods addressing the joint needs of communities for transportation and health. SHARP is envisioned as both an interface through which patients are engaged with the health system for care and information, and as an engine that guides and monitors health care needs, recommends, and schedules health services, and designs and coordinates an integrated transportation service. The project will identify and tackle behavioral, computational, and organizational challenges posed by SHARP that demand integrative research spanning across both social science and technology domains. To this end, we put together a team consisting of mobility, informatics, health, and human behavior experts. The project will build relationships with large communities to (i) develop a collaborative team of transportation service providers, community organizations, and individuals receiving healthcare in Chicago; (ii) foster an understanding of needs, priorities and barriers related to healthcare and mobility (and their connections) via discussions with community members, and practitioners in the mobility and health advocacy areas; (iii) co-design possible future solutions and technology-driven interventions that address the identified transportation and healthcare access challenges, and (iv) build a partnership for a meaningful future local pilot study, in which we design, develop, and test the solutions outlined in (iii).
Effective start/end date10/1/216/30/23


  • National Science Foundation (CNS-2125488)


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