Science Engaged Theology and Philosophy with Low Energy Experimental Physics

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The founder of the Templeton Foundation was a staunch advocate for applying rigorous scientific methods as widely as possible. This proposal is for an interdisciplinary visitor who is not a natural scientist to spend an extended time embedded in the Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP).
Applications for these fellowships, to be judged by the CFP staff and their referees, must specify the big questions being addressed and must make the case as to why such embedding will be of value in their applications of scientific methods to other disciplines. Fellows will be located in the CFP, will be given formal opportunities to speak directly to physicists (along with their daily informal opportunities), and will produce a work product for the CFP web page that makes the case for the importance of their work to physicists.
The Center for Fundamental Physics at Northwestern was established to be the world leader in carrying out fundamental physics measurements intended to provide some answers to the big questions. It has the expertise and the staff to ensure that this program will succeed.
Effective start/end date3/1/188/31/20


  • John Templeton Foundation (ID#61041)


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