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This concept proposal builds upon our highly successful AT&T/ASPIRE-funded school day mentoring program, Science Explorers. Specifically, we seek two years of funding to design and test a new, six-week summer STEM Mentorship and Lab Skills program for sophomore alumni of Science Explorers. Under the guidance of SiS staff and Science Explorers STEM Fellows, alumni will receive a paid summer learning experience to learn authentic lab skills, and then apply these skills by staffing a NU STEM camp for middle school youth. The summer program will address two important needs surfaced during the past three years of Science Explorers programming: 1) To create summer work/leadership experiences for rising high school sophomores from high-needs communities. One of the top requests made by AY18 Science Explorers students was for assistance finding quality summer employment. 2) To extend mentoring and academic relationships between Science Explorers alumni (sophomores) and STEM Fellows/SiS staff. Alumni have consistently indicated – informally and in formal interviews – the desire for a connection with Fellows and SiS staff that lasts beyond the academic year.
Effective start/end date1/1/199/30/23


  • AT&T Foundation (Check No. 3322276490)


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