Selective Inhibition of CYP26A1 in the Skin for the Treatment of Ichthyosis

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Dr. Paller’s team will further test a new Cyp26 inhibitor compound for comparison with the previously tested compounds, with and without retinoic acid, using 3D models of normal keratinocytes and RXLI/LI subgroups of ichthyosis keratinocytes. This includes growing patient keratinocytes, creating large numbers of normal and ichthyosis 3D cultures, and testing the effect of the compound/ retinoic acid for analysis of RNA and protein expression, as well as histological alteration. The Paller team will also have formal conferences with Dr. Diaz and Dermaxon LLC
Effective start/end date12/1/187/31/21


  • DermaXon LLC (2R44AR069416-02)
  • National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (2R44AR069416-02)


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