Service Contract Between Northwestern University and Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI)

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This Service Contract (hereinafter “Contract”) is between Northwestern University (hereinafter “UNIVERSITY”) and the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (hereinafter “BICI”). Parties intend to make full use of each Party’s advantage in resources, aiming to foster the development of discipline and industry, based on mutual respect, reciprocity, mutual benefit principle, the Parties reached an agreement on the establishment of Advanced Material Systems and Simulations Global Collaboratory (hereinafter “Collaboratory”). Through research mechanism and system reform as well as international collaborative innovation, The Parties intend to operate on a “collaborative, open, dynamic and competitive” mechanism. Its ultimate goal is to make itself a world-class research institute for advanced material systems and simulations with global influence and a hotbed for technologies, IPs and prototypes that could be transferred to industries. The Collaboratory aims to launch several world-leading technologies and transferrable research achievements in 2 to 3 years, followed by a series of transferrable scientific achievements in 5 years. The Collaboratory plans to globally introduce advanced concepts and technologies while improving the collaboration between Chinese research staff and international experts. At the same time, the Collaboratory intends is going to train a number of graduate students and post-doctors with experience in industry-driven or innovation-driven applied research and future leaders who can transfer scientific findings into engineering applications. In 10 years, the Collaboratory is expected to become a thinking tank and a demonstration site that leads to influential technological advancements and commercial outcomes.
Effective start/end date6/20/178/31/21


  • Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (Agmt. 6/20/17)


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