Shenzhen "Three-Famous Health Project" program

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Party A aims to bring in Party B’s employee, Dr. Seema Khan (“Party B Director”) and her medical team, to provide education and training to Party A staff with a goal of helping to build up a high-level, comprehensive medical center for breast diseases. Party B Director and staff and employees of Party B selected by Party B Director will help Party A to improve in these aspects, such as the early detection of breast cancer, gene counseling, new comprehensive theory in treating breast cancer, new surgical techniques in breast surgeries and breast reconstructions, systemic therapy of breast cancer etc. Party A will help to establish first familial breast cancer gene counseling clinic in Shenzhen. Party B will also help Party A to build up a tissue bank and clinical database of breast cancer and train doctors from Party A.
Effective start/end date7/26/166/30/21


  • Shenzhen People's Hospital (Agmt 7/26/16)


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