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Prof. Hao Zhang and Northwestern University will be participating in the FULL proposal submitted by Prof. Juan de Pablo of the University of Chicago titled: Epigenomic Regulation Over Multiple Length Scales: Understanding Chromatin Modifications Through Label Free Imaging and Multi-Scale Modeling. Hao Zhang-Dr. Zhang will be in charge of microscopy system design, optical instrumentation, imaging processing, and data analysis aspects of the project. Vadim Backman-Dr. Backman will assist with the preparation of suitable samples for imaging in validation and testing the epigenetic and structural effects of gene activation. He will provide the link between the imaging and epigenomic/biological aspects of the project. Ali Shilatifard-Dr. Shilatifard will oversee tissue culture, mammalian and Drosophila molecular genetics experiments and next-generation sequencing studies outlines in this proposal.
Effective start/end date9/1/188/31/22


  • The University of Chicago (FP068540-01-PR// EFMA-1830969)
  • National Science Foundation (FP068540-01-PR// EFMA-1830969)


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