Sleep's role in realizing the prosocial benefits of contemplative practice.

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Our prior studies revealed how sleep helps people learn. By extension, when people strive to develop enduring prosocial habits, their success may depend in part on the extent to which sleep is engaged to reinforce their learning. Our proposed research builds on a foundation of empirical evidence about memory modification during sleep, and will provide new insight into how the sleeping mind is relevant to prosocial learning. We use subtle sound cues to permeate sleep and reinforce prosocial attitudes recently cultivated while awake. We hypothesize that fully embracing PEACE-related qualities requires both repeated practice when awake and repeated reactivation during sleep. Our experiment will determine if sleep can be harnessed to promote benefits of contemplative practice and prosocial training, particularly in typical social-media behaviors. Engaging the sleeping brain to produce positive change would open up new avenues to link contemplative practice to human flourishing.
Effective start/end date10/29/2010/28/22


  • Mind and Life Institute (Paller AGMT 5/25/21)


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