Small molecule probes of MYC stability and function intumorigenesis

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These studies are significant as MYC is implicated in the majority of human cancers. The studies advance the use of MYCi as chemical probes to unmask distinct biology that complements the knowledge derived from genetic manipulations of MYC proteins. The findings will contribute to the efforts aimed at developing small molecule MYCi as potential therapeutics. Specifically, this work indicates that small-molecule MYC inhibitors have an additional anti-tumor effect due to the activation of the ATF4 pathway beyond the antitumor effects of suppressing MYC function. Finally, understanding this on-target ATF4 response provoked by small-molecule MYCi will provide rational strategies for combination therapy to enhance MYCi efficacy.
Effective start/end date3/1/212/28/26


  • National Cancer Institute (5R01CA257258-04)


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