Small-Scale Fundamental Physics Block Grant

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The founder of the Templeton Foundation was a staunch advocate for applying rigorous scientific methods as widely as possible. He was sometimes known as a contrarian for insisting that even widely held assumptions should be tested with scientific methods gave him a reputation as a bit of a contrarian. The sub-grants that will be awarded will stimulate and enable those researchers who use small-scale apparatus and rigorous scientific methods to probe nature at her most fundamental level – seeking answers to big questions about what are the fundamental symmetries and the best mathematical description of physical reality. The Center for Fundamental Physics at Northwestern was established to be the world leader in carrying out fundamental physics measurements intended to provide some answers to the big questions. It has the expertise and the staff to ensure that this program will succeed.
Effective start/end date3/1/182/28/23


  • John Templeton Foundation (ID#61039)


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