SNM: Customized Inkjet Printing of Graphene-Based Real-time Water Sensors

Project: Research project

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Within the proposed National Science Foundation Scalable Nanomanufacturing project entitled “Inkjet Printing as a Scalable Nanomanufacturing Platform for Graphene-Based Sensors,” Professor Hersam will be responsible for the graphene-based inks that will be incorporated into real-time water sensors via inkjet printing. Specific research tasks include optimization of the graphene-based ink formulation, scale-up of the graphene-based ink production, and inkjet printing of the graphene-based ink.
Effective start/end date8/1/179/30/19


  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1727846 // 183405339/AAC5754)
  • National Science Foundation (1727846 // 183405339/AAC5754)


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