Solar Fuels via Photocatalytic Dissociation of Steam and Carbon Dioxide at Elevated Temperatures

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The overall objective of this work is to achieve photocatalytic dissociation of steam and carbon dioxide on cells composed of oxynitride photoanodes, proton-conducting solid-acid electrolytes, and carbon nanotube (CNT) based cathodes. The Haile laboratory at Northwestern University will have responsibility for (1) synthesizing and characterizing CNT cathodes, and (2) evaluating chemical and thermal stability of known and new electrolytes. Northwestern will further contribute to the fabrication and evaluation of the complete photoelectrochemical cells.
Effective start/end date6/1/159/1/18


  • Qatar University (Agmt 11/30/15 // Agmt 11/30/15)
  • Qatar National Research Fund (Agmt 11/30/15 // Agmt 11/30/15)


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