Specifically Triggerable Multi – Scale Responses in Organized Assemblies

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Triggered Depolymerizations Complete immolation consisting of single recognition events causing destructive processes (Oyuntuya Munkhbat’s presentation. Thai’s group) Complete backbone degradation (Multiple recognition events) Side-chain cleavage and response (LC droplets, and multi-responsive materials) Triggered Polymerization Specific stimuli at controlled interfaces inducing bulk, centimeter length scale responses In collaboration with Youngki Kim - Abbott group. Stimuli-Induced Polymerization Induced Self-Assembly These efforts have included triggered polymerizations of the type described above, in addition to the development of basic chemistry associated with these processes. These will also be adapted to triggered immolation type reactions in collaboration with Thai Thayumanavan. Triggered Particle-based Fusion/Gelation Nascent effort taking advantage of recent developments in liquid cell transmission electron microscopy as a direct method for observing triggered, nanoscale phase transitions. These include materials coming from all MURI partner groups and others.
Effective start/end date2/5/194/30/23


  • University of Massachusetts Amherst (16-008956-E-04 // W911NF-15-1-0568)
  • Army Research Office (16-008956-E-04 // W911NF-15-1-0568)


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