Stable neural interfaces through artificial intelligence-based manifold discovery

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Dr. Miller's group will assist Dr. Pandarinath's group with the design and development of new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based approaches for neural manifold stabilization, including approaches based on Dr. Miller's previously-developed Adversarial Domain Adaptation Networks technique. Dr. Miller's group will also collaborate with Dr. Pandarinath in the application of these AI approaches to previously-collected data, including neural population activity recorded from motor cortex in nonhuman primates. The current work does not involve the collection of any new data, or performing any experiments with animals or human subjects.
Effective start/end date4/19/1910/31/20


  • Emory University (A263642 // HR00111990045)
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) (A263642 // HR00111990045)


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