Stigma and the non-communicable disease syndemic in aging HIV positive and HIV negative MSM

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This proposal aligns with NIH high priority AIDS research areas outlined in NOT-OD-15-137 (“addressing the impact of HIV-associated comorbidities,” including heart, blood, lung, and sleep outcomes); NHLBI NOT-HL-19-677 and RFA-HL-21-018, which calls for research characterizing “how two (or more) HLBS health conditions cluster within a specific population of PWH…utilizing a syndemics framework that assesses the multifactorial contributors to disease including social factors that increase the HLBS disease burden among PWH”; and NIH NOT-MD-19-001, calling for “research examining how biological, behavioral, social, and/or environmental factors contribute to health outcomes and health disparities for sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations.” The proposed work will extend current intersectional stigma research on the HIV continuum of care to the syndemic NCD continua of care among middle-aged and aging MSM living with HIV, among whom NCDs have become increasing prevalent. We will generate a new syndemic paradigm of intersectional stigma and HIV and syndemic NCD control. From this framework, we will develop a blueprint for intervention design intended to mitigate this syndemic among the growing population of aging MSM, particularly HIV+ MSM and MSM of color. This proposed study will provide essential data to elucidate mechanisms and morbidities underlying SGM health inequities.
Effective start/end date9/21/218/31/22


  • University of Pittsburgh (AWD00004807 (136801-9) // 1R01HL160326-01)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (AWD00004807 (136801-9) // 1R01HL160326-01)


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