Studying Effectiveness in Patient Centered Care

Project: Research project

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Develop site specific recruitment processes
Develop site specific protocol for the randomized controlled trial
Get IRB approval for the randomized controlled trial
Identify eligible clinicians and engage them in participating in the study
Recruit 200 participants over 18 months
Use centralized randomization and data collection processes
The Site PI will participate in regular project research meetings
The Site RA will participate in regular project staff meetings
All study data will be transferred to the University of Utah for analyses.
Video and/or audio data will also be transferred to Mayo Clinic for analysis.
11. Data will be stored for the purposes of secondary research and publication.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/22


  • University of Utah (NO. 10048928-02//18SFRN34110489)
  • American Heart Association (NO. 10048928-02//18SFRN34110489)


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