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Dr. Backman’s group will continue the development of the ISOCT for imaging of cells on scaffolds. They will characterize tissue architecture following implantation of empty scaffolds, and scaffolds loaded with cells to establish the baseline for the non-invasive imaging and will start applying the imaging techniques to animals with implanted scaffolds and metastatic cells. They will continue developing ultrastructural biomarkers of malignant cell infiltration of scaffolds. The Miller lab will perform bone marrow cell isolations and characterize the phenotype and function of cells migrating into the biomaterial implants. Dr. Andrew Mazar is the director of the Center for Developmental Therapeutics, which operates the Developmental Technologies Core (DTC) facility (formerly called the Tumor Biology Core). He will oversee the performance by the DTC of the in vivo model of metastasis, namely the implantation of metastatic MDA-MB-231-BR cells into the mammary fat pad. In addition, he will coordinate with Drs. Shea and Backman on the in vivo experiments and the interpretation of the results for all aims.
Effective start/end date5/15/157/31/18


  • University of Michigan (3003585711//5R01CA173745-05)
  • National Cancer Institute (3003585711//5R01CA173745-05)


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