Subproject for CCE-ScMVR-2: High-Power-Density and Energy-Efficient Engine and Drivetrain Technologies (Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Development of Lightweight Alloys and Tribological solutions for UAS)

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The proposed project aims to address the Army’s requirement—as part of its Future Vertical Lift (FVL) modernization priority—for creating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) propulsion systems with improved performance, which depends on advancements in materials and processes related to component weight and thermal management. The next generation of propulsion systems also must have improved performance attributes, such as efficiency, power density, service range, service life, robustness, and resilience to any fuel type and environment. Northwestern is well-positioned to work with the Army on this groundbreaking focus area due to its long-established excellence in material design, tribology and catalysis, manufacturing, and com-putational mechanics. To meet the above-mentioned needs, we plan two major thrusts: Thrust 1 “Materials and Tribological Solutions for Fuel Systems: Scuff-Resistance Surfaces and Digital Twins” and Thrust 2 “Developments of High-performance, High-temperature Casted or AM-ed Aluminum Alloys and their Additive Manufacturing Processes”.
Effective start/end date9/6/219/5/23


  • Army Research Office (W911NF2120199)


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