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Conference on “Global Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity” May 27- June 7, 2013 PROJECT SUMMARY This proposal requests funding for US-based participants to attend the conference Global Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity which will be held at the Banach Center in Bedlewo, Poland May 27- June 7, 2013. This conference is sixth in a series of international conferences held since 2001, two of which were held in the US and funded primarily by the NSF. The conference will focus on the global qualitative study (topological and ergodic) of differentiable dynamical systems, especially diffeomorphisms and vector fields, that are not uniformly hyperbolic. Intellectual Merits. The conference will focus on several active areas broadly represented in the international dynamics community. Among the main topics to be covered are: • Beyond Hyperbolicity: Partial hyperbolicity, Nonuniform yperbolicity, Singular hyperbolicity, Lyapunov exponents, Dimension, Statistical properties. • Global and Semilocal Properties: The C1-topology, Bifurcations. • Other Topics: Interval Dynamics, Foliations. The workshop will combine carefully chosen plenary lectures, aimed at the general audience, with specialized afternoon sessions. Broader Impacts. The broader impacts of this proposal are tied to the multinational nature of the participant base, the potential synergy generated by in- teractions between these groups, and the large numbers of junior researchers from the US who plan to attend.
Effective start/end date3/15/132/28/14


  • National Science Foundation (DMS-1314157)


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