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With access to the analytical facilities at NU, I will be able to comprehensively address changes in ocean carbonate chemistry during the Paleogene. Cores obtained from anomaly 25 will be sampled across the PETM interval at a 4 cm resolution, and single-species foraminifera will be collected in order to generate high-resolution δ44/40Ca, 87Sr/86Sr, δ88/86Sr, and δ11B records. I will collaborate with shipboard micropaleontologists to identify and sample specimens for isotopic analysis. I will visually inspect specimens using SEM to ensure they are free from obvious signs of recrystallization. Pre-treatment cleaning procedures will be applied to eliminate contaminants, such as clays and organic matter. I will also analyze complementary samples of bulk carbonate. The four sets of isotopic measurements, alongside δ13Ccarb, will be employed for mass-balance calculations. Prof. Jacobson and I will conduct all of the research collaboratively with Profs. Brad Sageman and Matt Hurtgen at NU, as well as Prof. Hönish at LDEO and Prof. Zachos at UCSC. We would enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to help meet the scientific goals and objectives of Expedition 378.
Effective start/end date1/1/202/29/20


  • Columbia University (71B(GG009393)//OCE 1450528)
  • National Science Foundation (71B(GG009393)//OCE 1450528)

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