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The aims of this Informatics and Data Analytics U01 (IDAU) are to expand the shared informatics infrastructure and resources, further develop data analytics tools, collaborate with investigators from the expanded SUTRA alliance and to provide an overall, comprehensive informatics and analytics resource with a statistical subcore. Specifically, we have four aims: 1. Informatics and big data infrastructure. Coordinate and provide shared tools in support of SUTRA center activities related to data capture, data integration, data mining, and data analytics across the partner U01 sites. a. Further expand the MEDCIS Data Capture and Integration System by streamlining the sharing and access of 2000xx EDF data sets under the data use and access policies b. Provide OPIC – Ontology-driven Patient Information Capture to all five sites with a configurable terminology system c. Collaboratively expand the Epilepsy and Seizure Ontology (EpSO) developed under the PRISM P20 project and expand the scope to the animal domain d. Adapt MEDCIS to create a shared data infrastructure in the animal domain 2. Data analytics. a. Refine and share signal analysis algorithms tools for autonomic, heart rate variability analysis xxx b. Provide a cloud-based interface for visualizing electrophysiological data over the web to facilitate collaboration, building on our preliminary work CloudWave c. Provide tools for high-performance, on-the-fly analysis of signal analysis by expanding our preliminary work 3. Coordination with the Administrative Core and collaboration with partner U01 sites. Guided and facilitated by the Administrative Core, the IDAU will interface with the five U01 sites on all matters related to data sharing, access and analytics by a. Make available MEDCIS, OPIC, CloudWave and the suite of data analytics tools b. Collaboratively refine and expand EpSO in coordination with ILAE, NINDS Data Elements and develop an animal epilepsy terminological system c. Facilitate, support, and help enforce data governance policies set by the Administrative Core, and provide oversight on data access, data security and privacy d. Evaluate and monitor progress and milestones
Effective start/end date9/30/147/31/19


  • Case Western Reserve University (RES512393 // 5U01NS090407-04)
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (RES512393 // 5U01NS090407-04)


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