Supernova Remnant and Galaxy Cluster Observations with the Micro-X High-Resolution Microcalorimeter X-ray Imaging Rocket

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This grant will produce a short film documenting the NASA Micro-X design, testing, and launch. It will feature the PI, Prof. Figueroa-Feliciano, and his students. The film will talk about NASA instrumentation and the science to be done with Micro-X, as well as the challenges of putting together a rocket payload. It will also focus on the more personal and family aspects of being a NASA researcher, with the target audience being high-school and university freshmen thinking about a career in STEM. The video will be put on a website that will be disseminated to local schools around the Chicagoland area, as well as forwarded to NASA Space Grant consortia and our contacts at HBCUs and HSIs. Northwestern will participate by providing interviews and access to the crew filming the documentary at the NASA facilities during the testing and launch phases of the rocket program.
Effective start/end date1/5/171/4/18


  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NNX17AC96G)


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