Supernova Remnant Observations with Micro-X

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Year 1: In year one we will be finishing the checkout, integration and launch of the Micro-X Payload. We are currently at Goddard Space Flight Center performing detector tests which will continue until the summer. We are building all the flight spares and debugging noise from the electronics. We will finish building the flight wiring and aligning the optics at GSFC. Once the detectors are operating at their required performance for flight and the optics are aligned and integrated into the detectors, we will move to the Wallops Flight Facility in late summer to perform the integration with the WFF components, and undergo the pre-flight I&T. We will then move the payload back to GSFC for any remaining checks or last minute fixes and perform detector calibration in preparation for flight in November. We will move to White Sands Missile Range in October to prepare for launch in November. After the November flight we will bring the payload to Northwestern. Year 2: During year to we will perform post-flight calibration, data analysis, and publication of our results. We will also prepare the payload for a second launch from White Sands missile range in November, followed by analysis and publication of the results.
Effective start/end date1/1/167/19/18


  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NNX16AL94G-000001)


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