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Junjing Deng, a PhD candidate in Applied Physics at Northwestern University, will be working to develop the combination of ptychographic imaging with fluorescence microprobe analysis at both the 2-ID and Bionanoprobe beamlines, working closely with David Vine in the microscopy group. This work helps position the APS as a leader in developing scientific applications that require high brightness x-ray beams such as might be the emphasis of the APS Upgrade. He will also assist with user operations of the Bionanoprobe when Si Chen in the Microscopy group is out on maternity leave.
Effective start/end date10/1/139/30/14


  • UChicago Argonne, LLC, Argonne National Laboratory (3J-30081/3J-30081-0011A)
  • Department of Energy (3J-30081/3J-30081-0011A)


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