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Understanding star formation at the center of our Galaxy is still one of the premier problems in astronomy. Towards this end, I have conducted the �rst high resolution (< 1") sensitive (< 50 mJy rms) survey of the entire inner 2� � 300 of the Galactic center of 22 GHz H2O and 6.7 GHz CH3OH masers with the VLA. These masers are known indicators of recent (< 5 � 104 years) star formation. These observations will increase the number of detected masers in this region and accurately identify their location and distribution. The results from these observations will then be able to be compared to similar observations made towards the Galactic Disk in order to constrain how the number density of young star forming sites di�ers between the two regions. The distribution of these masers within the inner 400 pc of the Galaxy can then be compared to the distribution of young stellar objects (YSOs) identi�ed at higher frequencies in order to ascertain if there is an asymmetry in the distribution of YSOs in this region, and to constrain the cause of any possible asymmetry.
Effective start/end date9/2/161/31/17


  • Associated Universities, Inc., National Radio Astronomy Observatory (1519126-2//AST-0836064)
  • National Science Foundation (1519126-2//AST-0836064)


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