Support of Training and Mentoring in Nigeria for Academics (STAMINA)

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The STAMINA program will strategically allow for the support of mentored research for this important skill set applicable to many areas of research. This proposal will further develop the Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) program initiated with MEPIN support with the addition of adapted coursework on integrated epidemiology and biostatistics and programs on clinical effectiveness currently provided at HSPH. The curriculum will be required for all junior faculty members and include courses that were initiated by our US partners and have now been “stepped down” to the University of Jos including: responsible conduct of research, human ethics training, research methodology, data analysis, manuscript writing, mentorship, case-based method of teaching, and public health research in infectious diseases. The STAMINA program will leverage the infrastructure developed with PEPFAR, MEPIN and Fogarty programs from NU and HSPH as well as the seed research award program initiated through the MEPIN program which have provided much of the necessary foundation for junior faculty as they initiate their research careers. We propose to formalize the mentored research program for junior faculty with STAMINA-mentored research for five junior faculty per year, with a total of 25 research fellowships over the grant period. Upon selection of STAMINA trainees, mentors from the University of Jos, Ahmadu Bello, NU or HSPH will be assigned. Milestones for progress will include the timely completion of research, publication of research in peer-reviewed literature and submission of proposals for external funding for continued research. This new generation of research faculty will provide solutions to global health needs through high quality, competitive research designed, carried out and implemented in Nigeria.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/21


  • University of Jos (UJ-STAMINA-NW04 // D43TW010130-04)
  • John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences (UJ-STAMINA-NW04 // D43TW010130-04)


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