SYNFUEL – Sustainable synthetic fuels from biomass gasification and electrolysis

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The Northwestern role in the Synfuel project is mainly to host two graduate students for visits of ~ 6 months. During these visits, Barnett will provide some of his time to work with these students on the topic of observing and modeling micro structural electrode degradation. The students will also work with others in the Barnett group on a collaborative basis - the interaction should benefit both the Synfuel project and projects in the Barnett group that have similar goals. The students will mainly utilize equipment, computers, and software within the Barnett group that have no associated charge. Any microscopy work will be done through national laboratory facilities that are not charged. Any supplies that might be used by the visitors will be charged to Barnett’s projects that benefit directly from this collaboration.
Effective start/end date6/1/165/31/19


  • Technical University of Denmark (Agmt. 6/7/16 // Agmt. 6/7/16)
  • InnovationsFonden (Agmt. 6/7/16 // Agmt. 6/7/16)


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