Systematic Discovery of Neomorph Protein-Protein Interactions in Cancer for Oncogenic Pathway Perturbation

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Dr. Cooper will work with Drs. Fu and Ivanov to develop, apply, and disseminate bioinformatics methods for the proposed project. Dr. Cooper will assist with acquiring, curating, and analyzing genomic and drug screening data from the NCI GDC and other CTD2 centers and to integrate these with protein-protein interaction screening data generated at Emory. He will work with Andrei and jointly supervise a postdoctoral scholar at Emory to develop and implement novel bioinformatics methods, and to integrate these into the protein-protein interaction portal. He will attend biweekly informatics meetings, monthly center meetings, and annual program meetings. He will also assist with the preparation and submission of manuscripts related to informatics work.
Effective start/end date8/1/197/31/20


  • Emory University (A234115 // 5U01CA217875-03)
  • National Cancer Institute (A234115 // 5U01CA217875-03)


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