Talking 'Religion': Publics, Politics, and the Media

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Our proposal for the ACLS-Luce Program in Religion, Journalism and International Affairs is motivated by two overarching and intersecting questions: How can scholars and journalists doing cutting-edge work on religion, politics and public life communicate their findings to, and learn from, each other? And how can they communicate their work and its insights to a variety of public audiences in a way that is accessible and appealing without sacrificing nuance and complexity? We propose to explore these questions through a range of activities and programs: a workshop on “talking religion,” a master class on religion and the media, visiting speakers, a team-taught undergraduate course and graduate religion and media fellowships.
Effective start/end date3/1/189/1/22


  • American Council of Learned Societies (Agmt 6/19/2017 // Agmt 6/19/2017)
  • Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. (Agmt 6/19/2017 // Agmt 6/19/2017)


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