Targeted MRI contrast agents for differential diagnosis of prostate cancer

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This project aims to develop MRI contrast agents for differential diagnosis of prostate cancer. My group will assist the project on developing mouse PDX models. We have developed several mouse breast PDX models that are shared with other PIs. As the imaging technology is targeting an EMT marker, it can also be used in breast cancer imaging. We will provide some PDX models for them to test the imaging technology because non-invasive accurate diagnosis of high-risk breast cancer is also a challenge in the clinical practice. With the extensive experience that my lab and I have acquired on PDX models in general, we will help the Lu lab establish the prostate PDX models needed for this project and have provided information of the prostate PDX models other collaborators have, such as Dr. Dean Tang. I can also contribute 0.2 month per year to help on the model development. We will work closely with the oncological surgeon and the pathologist on the project as well as the Lu lab on the PDX models.
Effective start/end date4/1/173/31/22


  • Case Western Reserve University (RES511975//5R01CA211762-04)
  • National Cancer Institute (RES511975//5R01CA211762-04)


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