Targeting EZH2 in Germinal Center Derived B-Cell Lymphoma

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Characterize EZH inhibitor resistant lymphoma cell lines and use RNA and DNA seq analysis to determine the molecular basis of resistance of these cell lines. EZH2 mutants will be created and screened for their ability to resist the action of the inhibitor. Identify and treat patients on EZH2 inhibitor clinical trials and obtain clinical information, blood specimens and fresh, frozen and paraffin fixed specimens from lymphoma patients to be assayed for gene expression studies and histone changes and correlated with pharmacokinetic data.
Effective start/end date8/1/167/31/18


  • University of Florida (UFDSP0011572 // 5R01CA187109-03/16122)
  • National Cancer Institute (UFDSP0011572 // 5R01CA187109-03/16122)


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