Targeting Platinum Resistance in Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of gynecologic cancers. Platinum is the backbone of treatment and development of resistance is a common, but fatal clinical problem. This project will define a new mechanism implicated in the way ovarian tumors respond to chemotherapy. Understanding key molecular mechanisms implicated in this process can led to novel strategies to combat a problem of high clinical relevance. We are approaching this concept from a unique perspective, using state of the art and novel technologies and human tissue samples obtained from women receiving their care in Prentice Hospital. We will focus on a new pathway, regulating mRNA processing, which we discovered to have tumor suppressor roles and regulatory function modulating response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. In all, our approach will address a problem which carries a significant clinical burden, from a mechanistic and molecular perspective, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for women suffering from an incurable form of cancer.
Effective start/end date1/28/208/31/22


  • Friends of Prentice (Agmt 1/28/2020)


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