Technology Transfer & Outreach for Regrowth and Selective Area Growth of GaN for Vertical Power Electronics

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The specific work to be carried out is as follows: 1.Provide advice and guidance to the PI on the growth of test structures with marker features to benchmark atom probe tomography resolution and sensitivity in the most relevant contexts. 2.Prepare site-specific sample preparation using focused ion beam methods to prepare specimens for atom probe tomography analysis that also enable correlated measurements such as transmission electron microscopy. 3.Perform atom probe tomography on selected samples with the goals of identifying unintentional and intentional impurities and their spatial distribution. 4.Analyze the data resulting from atom probe tomography and prepare representations of the data in consultation with the PI. Representations include but are not limited to three-dimensional composition fields, two-dimensional composition maps, iso-concentration surfaces, one-dimensional composition profiles, mass spectra from selected regions of the sample, and statistical analyses of interfaces and composition fluctuations. 5.Consult with the PI on the modification of sample preparation process flow to enable and support correlated characterization. When budget and time permit, the subcontractor may participate in correlated characterization including transmission electron microscopy-based methods. 6.Prepare atom probe tomography results in written form for inclusion in reports and publications prepared in collaboration with the PI. 7.Participate in evaluation of project milestones and project planning to redirect effort as necessary.
Effective start/end date9/19/176/18/22


  • Yale University (GR101471 CON-8000 1218//DE-AR000087)
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (GR101471 CON-8000 1218//DE-AR000087)


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